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SAPOL - South Australian Police
SAAS - South Australian Ambulance Service
CFS - South Australian Country Fire Service
MFS - South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
SES - South Australia State Emergency Service
South Australian Marine Rescue
GRN - Government Radio Network
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Online Scanners

The SA-Scan online scanner is now scanning SA-GRN sites on the Fleurieu peninsula and around the Mt Lofty ranges.

You can expect to hear radio traffic from the Country Fire Service, Metropolitan Fire Service, State Emergency Service, Volunteer Marine Rescue, Surf Life Saving, Aviation Rescue, St John Ambulance as well as the Multi Agency talkgroups and some emergency related simplex frequencies.


Listening to the online scanner

The best way to listen to the SA-Scan stream is with a free app for your smartphone.

Once installed all you need to do is look for the correct stream for the area that you wish to monitor. You can hear the radio traffic and will see text tags on your device detailing what you are hearing.

Some apps that might work are;

  • Broadcastify
  • Scanner
  • 5-0 Radio


Bbroadcastify app      


Live GRN Paging Feed

Thanks to for providing the pager feed.

Scanner is currently Offline

*** Now Online ***

Have a look at the online scanners page for all the information about our online streaming scanner

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