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Simplex Channels
The M.F.S. use the SA-GRN for all voice communications. This consists of trunked communications for command and control, and simplex frequencies for some fire-ground operations. The simplex frequencies are generally used with low power portable radios so they cannot be heard from a long distance.

Channel Frequency CTCSS Tone
182 411.5875 mhz 141.3 hz
183 411.7625 mhz 141.3 hz
184 411.8375 mhz 141.3 hz
185 412.0125 mhz 141.3 hz
186 412.175 mhz 141.3 hz
187 411.5875 mhz 186.2 hz
188 411.7625 mhz 186.2 hz
189 411.8375 mhz 186.2 hz
190 412.0125 mhz 186.2 hz
191 412.175 mhz 186.2 hz

K Codes
The M.F.S. use K Codes on the radio for transmitting information quickly.

The appliance mounted Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) can only transmit the first 9 codes. They do also have buttons for voice request and priority voice request (urgent message). Upon activation of these buttons the call sign of the appliance calling will flash on the Comcen operators screen.

K Code


K0 Not available to respond
K1 Responding to Incident
K2 Arrived at Incident
K3 At Incident available to run
K4 Mobile and available in home area
K5 Off and clear at home station
K6 Available in another stations area       
K7 At another station...
K8 (Appliances) = Delayed response
K8 (On call) = Available at home
K9 (Appliances) = Vehicle unattended
K9 (On call) = On pager
K24 Dangerous goods info required
K24 - 2 Dangerous goods info to follow
K30 Received stop for Incident
K31-1 Respond Priority 1
K31-2 Respond Priority 2
K32 Request alarm status
K32 - 2 Alarm has cleared
K32 - 3 Alarm has not cleared
K33 Alarm details to follow
K34 Details to follow
K37 - (CH) Change to channel xx
K38 Initial control
K38 - 2 Initial control centre
K38 - 3 Incident control centre
K39 Change of command (Name)
K40 Bomb alert
K41 Fatality/ies
K42 Persons reported...
K43 Persons accounted for
K44 Appliances involved for extended time
K45 No further developments
K55 Arrived on scene, Special services incident (Vehicle accident, storm damage etc)
K66 Arrived on scene, Rubbish, grass etc. fire
K77 Arrived on scene, No sign of fire
K88 Arrived on scene, Small property fire
K99 Arrived on scene, Well Involved

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